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Living with Purpose

Mentors Collective



Living with Purpose Mentors are a group of authentic, compassionate, and soulful individuals desiring to support teens and adults navigating the modern world through an alternative approach to mindfulness mentoring.


Teens and young adults, in particular, need emotional support more than ever as the external pressures of the world can humbly affect internal self-worth.  We create a safe environment to reclaim self-worth through mindfulness principles based on unconditional love and non-judgment.


It is truly our honor to assist in empowering our collective community to heal and thrive!

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Laura Mock, SsD, RScP


Empowering individuals of all ages is my passion. Through my journey of self-discovery and healing, I discovered that when mindfulness is paired with unconditional love and non-judgment, it creates sacred spaces to know oneself through deep healing and personal growth. In turn, this awareness of self empowers the individual to discover their inner value, which translates to their outer experiences. 

Now, with many years of experience in offering a sacred space of healing and remembering, I am excited to have gathered a group of individuals with the same passion and insight to help others along their journey of healing and self-empowerment. Welcome to the Living with Purpose Collective!

  • What is a collective?

  • Why did I create this collective?

  • What makes this mentor collective unique?

  • Why is this not traditional therapy?

  • What training is required to become a member of the Living with Purpose Collective?

  • What can you expect?


Each mentor maintains an individual practice. The mentors have unique niches and maintain a personal website, fee scale, waivers, etc. However, each mentor completes the Living with Purpose Mentor Training Program and supports one another through continuing education. The mentor collective honors the highest good for all, and therefore, we may refer clients to other mentors in the collective when a unique niche is presented.

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